Why is a blog like a house plant?

Both are likely to die from neglect when they are in my care. Thoughts on feminism and motherhood in my generation are difficult to formulate though and the baby learns new stuff so subtly that sometimes it seems as though he isn't changing or learning new 'tricks' at all.

He is changing though - we visited T and E's new baby on Tuesday when he was just a day old and despite being 1cm longer and 800g heavier than Asher was at birth he just seemed so tiny and delicate. I'm very proud of T for trying to breastfeed too, considering she was adamant about not even trying until she actually had the baby in her arms (which, I have to admit, seems weird to me. So many people try so hard to breastfeed and don't manage it, it's best for the baby, why not give it a go?).

He's growing bigger but he's also learning new stuff. The latest is the whole concept of peek-a-boo games, which I've been told is the start of learning object permanence. I've been trying to get him interested in peek-a-boo for a week or two and I think last night he started to get it. I was in the shower and Sanjay was holding Asher and we were closing the shower door and opening it and I would say 'A-Boo!' and the little guy would grin all over his little face. It was hilarious watching him suddenly 'find' me when the shower door opened and have it a huge surprise each time. So incredibly cute.

I was having a shower because I was getting ready to go to Clare's Formal (not that I don;t normally shower, but this time it was a shower-with-purpose), which meant leaving Asher with Sanjay for evening feed and bedtime for only the second time ever. It all went fine of course and Asher was asleep and Sanj was getting ready for bed when I got home at 10:30. The only small glitch was that Asher wouldn't drink any milk that had been expressed then frozen. Luckily I had expressed around 120ml during the day and Asher had that, but he refused anything that had been frozen then thawed. I remember reading about some kind of weird lipase issue that can affect frozen-then-thawed breastmilk and make it taste soapy which might be the issue. Unfortunately the only way to test if this is a problem is to taste test the pumped then frozen breastmilk and we are all out of EBM cubes here after Sanj's efforts trying to get Asher to eat last night. I guess I should express and freeze some for experimental purposes today, because we don't want to be in this situation again and you never know, I might actually want to go out again without the baby sometime in the next year!

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Brendan said...

GO SANJAY!! Way to step up to the crease. You da man. Looking forward to your next appearance on the blog. ;-)