Past time for an Asher update

Asher writes his name!
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There's an aphorism that goes 'where the attention goes, the energy flows' and it's a principle which I feel has been active in our household recently. Because of the focus on getting the baby to sleep there hasn't been as much attention on Asher, and we're all suffering a little because of it. Asher's behaviour has been a bit ratty and he's been having trouble getting to sleep. So this post is all in honour of Asher and his amazing achievements.

Asher has never been one for drawing faces. I have tried to encourage drawing because it's something I loved as a child (and a big kid too!) but no dice. I thought it was *probably* because he's uncomfortable with the fact that his drawing don't come out the way they look in his head but I also worried that it might be a symptom of something else. Did he perhaps have underdeveloped fine motor skills? So this week when he said he wanted to write his name I wrote his name on the Magnadoodle for him to copy. The photo is of his first attempt. I was surprised and amazed by the result! His letters are really recognisable and his grip on the pen is reasonable. Reading and writing are some his favourite things.

His other obsession-of-the-moment is the zoo. He has a map of Taronga Zoo that he carries with him almost all the time and busily "does map referencing" looking at the symbols then turning the paper over to the map and looking for the coordinates and finding the symbol on the map. His pretend play centres around going to the zoo, looking at the animals and using the map to find his way around the zoo. All very cute.

Our other big development is that we have started night-time potty training. I went to the supermarket with Asher and we talked about pull-ups being for kids who were ready to wake up when they needed to do a wee in the night. He suggested we get some and we talked about putting them in his cupboard for when he thought his body would be ready. A few days later he came to me and told me he was ready to try the 'special pants' and he's been in them ever since. He's only had one wet pull-up in the week or ten days he's been using them. Rather impressive for a kid who had a very wet nappy most mornings. So much for a week or two of dry nappies as a marker of ready to be dry at night.

As well as the exciting developments there is also more of the same. A kid who manages to simultaneously have us in fits of laughter and drive me so mental I distract myself from losing my temper by composing ads for when I try to sell him on eBay. I love him.

In Kiran news: I got into Tresillian on a cancellation - we are going next week. Eeeep!