Asher and his noisy toy

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This toy is one of those things you have to see in person to understand the magnitude of the bizarreness (shit, that isn't a word!). It seems to be aimed at teaching little ones numbers, colours and styles of music. Yes, that's right, blue is for opera, orange is for rock, yellow is for babershop purple is for jazz and red is for reggae. An english voice says the colour then there is a few bars of someone singing the colour-word in the style of music. Very very weird, with a large dose of annoying-but-hilarious thrown in. The little fellow is still pretty unsure of it at this stage, but you never know, that may change.


kacey said...

5 little ladybugs meet for lunch, 5 little ladybugs munch and crunch!

keda, this toy is the reason that sylvie loves ladybugs so much. I'd say for the first several months of her life singing this song to her was the ONLY sure-fire way to calm her down during a meltdown. So you can understand that we love the leap frog caterpillar, crazy yellow bumbleshop songs and all.

keda said...

Wow! The only thing that calms Asher down when he gets hysterical is putting him on his change table, and even that is starting to wear a little thin these days. I guess I should give the scary toy more of a chance ;-)

Brendan said...

What colour is country? b