Parenting Angst

Sleeping Asher
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Ever since Asher was tiny I've always worried about whether we are parenting him 'right' although I have a little difficulty understanding what I mean by right. I just want him to grow up into a kind person who is reasonably sane. It's hard at the moment though. Asher is 3.5 and having tantrums and in other respects being age-appropriate and pressing all my buttons. Luckily I get to see him sleep sometimes and gaze at his face when it's at rest and wonder that we created this whole person who is growing into himself. I wonder if I'm going to get as frustrated with Kiran when he gets a bit older? Probably, and I'll appreciate a reminder me to gaze at his sleeping face and soak up the peacefulness.


Where was I up to?

In the spirit of blog drought-breaking I offer you another status update style post.

Kiz got his first tooth last week and he (still) won't eat food off a spoon. After advice from various books and wise friends I've decided to not bother. I sit him in his highchair at least once a day and put food of some description in front of him. This might be soft bread, soft fruit, cooked veggies, tinned fruit or whatever is to hand that I think he won't choke on. The other day he sucked the middles out of about three home-grown cherry tomatoes and yesterday he sat on my lap and I fed him shreads of 'rice noodles with shrimp in thick egg sauce' that we were having (at a great Chinese dumpling place in Asherfield). I did try to pick the bits that weren't quite as covered in prawn-y egg sauce but I'm also confident now that he isn't going to have an anaphalactic reaction to eitehr prawns or egg because he must have ingested some.

Asher is every bit the three-and-a-half year old. He tries our patience daily and yet brings us more delight than I had imagined. He calls 100s and 1000s (sprinkles) 'twothousands' and has elaborate conversations about his imaginary friends. Beebee and Channa are friends while apparently Franj and Leego are customers. Often he tells us what they are having for dinner, or talks about Beebee's yellow car or Franj and Leego having five swimming pools at their place.

As I was lying next to Asher going to sleep last night he felt a little warm and sounded slighly snuffly and when I took his Temp it was about 38C so we stripped him down a bit but he seemed happy enough. He was a lot hotter at 4 or 5am but agina, his spirits were good, so I lay with him while he went back to sleep. This morning he's a bit snotty but cheerful, so we are off to Baby M's first birthday party.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


Drought breaker

Excuses are boring so I won't bother. I want to quickly note down a few recent Kiran milestones, while I'm procrastinating from the huge piles of work (paid and otherwise) that I really should be doing.

Kiran milestones:
Sitting independantly from around 6 months
First hands-and-knees crawl - 17th January (6.5 months)
Proper crawling - around the 26th of January I think (7 months)
First tooth - 1st Feburary (7 months)
Sleeping through - Hahahahaha. He's waking up and eating a LOT. I'm exhausted!

More later.