I got Asher one of the mesh feeder thingies the other day thinking that it might come in handy far in the future. I gave it a wash and threw it in the draw with the rarely-used bottles and pumping equipment. Late last week Asher was hot and bored so I put a small ice-cube in the mesh and gave it to him to play with. He seemed to like it, popping it in his mouth then making a face like I was trying to poison him as he spat it out and then working to get it in his mouth again. He ended up covered in water from the melted ice-cube but it distracted him in the late afternoon for more than half an hour.

Today, as we were having lunch he was getting whiny again, probably because we were intent on stuffing our faces and wanting to catch up with the weekend papers rather than spending all our attention amusing him, so this time I peeled a bit of apple and put a little bit in the mesh. He loved the apple more than the ice. He spent quite a while happily sucking away. This allowed Sanjay to get stuck into the sports pages and me to do more of the crossword than I've done in the last five months. Joy.

Anyhow, I didn't really mean for solids to start this way, and I guess he hasn't really started solids because the apple was almost untouched when I removed it from the mesh. Either way, it's OK because apple is pretty yummy and he's almost five months (21 weeks tomorrow, 5 calendar months next Sunday) which is close to the recommended 'six months' for introducing solids.


muser said...

wow. I like that mesh thingy. Where do you get those?

Emma said...

He's licking it like an icy pole, how cute. Surely that's a very advanced coordinated movement for a young 'un. (BTW, "introducing solids" is exactly what I'm doing, too, after a few days of gastro. But I started with a banana.) Is a banana a solid?