Sleep is for the weak!

Asher's seems to have hit a sleep regression. He was in a lovely routine of going to sleep around 7:30 and waking only once or twice before 6:30am (with the occasional sleep-through) but now it's taking ages to get him to settle (11pm last night, 9 tonight) and he seems to half wake up, cry out, and if we get to him soon enough (and pick him up and bounce him) he doesn't wake up properly and he goes straight back to sleep. Anyhow I'm clinging to the fact it's a normal developmental stage. The wonderfully insightful and wise Moxie calls it the 4 month sleep regression and reassures readers that it will get better soon enough. Until it does, I might have to whinge a lot.

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Hey Keda

just noticed you had a blog. Love the photos of bub