Just so you know I'm still alive...

...I'll post a conversation from the weekend. The scene was a cafe where Sanjay, Asher and I were having coffee and brioche with my brother Tim and his girlfriend. We were discussing a trip to Bunnings and possible drill purchase and Asher was trying to get my Tim's attention.

Tim: Do you know where we're going when we've finished our coffee Asher?
Asher: After coffee?
Tim: The most fun place in the whole world!
Asher (head tilted to the side in hopeful expectation): Wizzy World?
Tim: Nope - Bunnings!
Keda: Asher, Bunnings is a shop
Asher: Bunny shop?


Good Luck Michael

Well, the HSC exams are coming up rather soon (starting October 16th) so I'm going to use this chance to send a good luck shout-out to my brother Michael. He's not someone who finds it really easy to concentrate or to accept the authority of teachers, so he's not having the easiest time of it this year. Conversely however, he's smart and enjoys learning, so he's not having as bad a time as many other students. As long as he can stay focused, keep his OCD tendencies* under control and keep his eyes on the prize he'll be just fine.

*He's not really OCD/OCPD he's just got a very particular way of looking at the word. I think this comic from xkcd explains it better than I could: