Travel Day

So, I forgot the camera yesterday, but it was windy, and not very photogenic anyhow (except for Asher, who was his usual delightful self!).

This morning I'm madly packing for our weekend away. S is doing a half day at work and should be home by 3pm (he says 2, I don't believe him) so I've put the car seat in the inlaws car* and while the baby is sleeping I'm trying to get as much of the cleaning and packing done as possible. Which is why I'm sitting here on the computer. Obviously.

I'm really looking forward to being away but I'm kinda scared of the process of going away. Asher's unsettled time, when he like to be bounced and fed and constantly entertained is right during the time when we will be driving, and with his long sleep this morning it might mean that we have up to 4 hours of crying or grizzling baby. I just don't know if I can handle that. I'll update when I get back on how it all went, but please wish me well.

*they like us to take their bigger car. They feel it's safer. Whatever.

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