Asher was given (left?) a rather large dark brown teddy by his step great grandmother (my stepmother's mother) when she passed away recently and we put it in the corner of his cot, up near the mobile and his musical inchworm. He wriggles up that end of the cot during the night sometimes and seems to like playing with the few things that we leave there for him. We also pop him under his mobile when we are puttering about, when we don't put him on his playmat on the floor. Anyhow, we left him lying under his mobile as we were getting ready to go out the other day and when Sanjay went in to get him I heard a shocked exclamation and went in to see what was going on. It looked as though Asher was locked in mortal combat with the bear. He was kind of growling and wrestling with this fluffy toy that is almost as big as he is. We seperated them and took Asher to get him ready for our outing and then realised that his hands were covered in bear fur and we found ourselves wondering just how much fur he had ingested before we pulled the assailants apart. We later had to change his cot sheets because of the sheer quantity of bear-fur lying around. The bear has since been moved to the bookshelf.

Asher: 1
Teddy: 0

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