Inaugural Post

Last night, sometime after Asher's middle-of-the-night feed as I was changing his nappy, I felt something tickling my hair right on the top of my head. I felt around up there and found something, freaked, called Sanjay, shook my head around madly hoping to hell it wasn't a spider. A medium sized cockroach landed on the ground. Ugh. Sanjay came in and squashed the little nasty, I finished changing the baby and we all went back to bed.

I know I'm in a pretty positive frame of mind at the moment because I was all 'meh, it's only a cockroach, not a spider' so I thought this might be a good frame of mind to be in to start blogging. I'm just going to test this out, see how it goes and whether I've got the time to update it before I let anyone know about it.

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