Too busy, can't write....

So with Christmas and a baby I have been neglecting updating Asher's developmental milestones, as well as any more general musings. I've finally got the little guy to bed and Sanj is at dropping some things off to his parents place so instead of cleaning the kitchen and packing for our week away I'll give a cheat sheet abbreviated update.

Solid foods were going great, then they weren't, now they are going well again. I'm learning what he does when he wants a little break or needs a drink of water. He's learning that he likes sweet potato and rice cereal (and pureed pear, and blueberries and mango in the mesh thingy). Carrots aren't quite such a hit and he was pretty dubious of the oat cereal we tried this morning. On balance it's going well though.

He's sitting up pretty well by himself now. He will fall over and bang his head on the floor after a little while (if he's tired he falls quicker) but it's good. I was confident enough that I left him propped against the stair while I folded up his pram after an outing the other day which is the only reason I'm keen to hit that milestone.

He's also pretty mobile, but not really crawling yet. He is like a back-to-front caterpillar and creeps slowly backwards, he rolls both ways and turns 360 degrees on his tummy, getting a view of the whole room. I'm guessing he'll be crawling a bit within a month.

Once we get him to sleep he usually only wakes once, or more often twice, which is OK, but getting him down to a solid sleep is now really hard. Tonight I fed him to sleep at about 8 but he woke at 8:30 and it took us til 9 to get him to sleep again. He then woke at 10 and it only took me 10 minutes to get him back to sleep (I did use the magic b00bs though!). I'm hoping he'll stay asleep now.

His day sleeps are getting better. No matter what time he wakes in the morning (typically between 6:30 and 7:30) I attempt to put him back to sleep after he's been up for 2 hours. This usually works and he normally sleeps for an hour, but sometimes longer. Later in the day I try putting him back to sleep after he's been awake for three hours which works less often (and he usually sleeps for less time) but it's the gold standard that we are working towards.

He cries and grizzles so much less now too - today the only crying we had was when I was trying to pat him back to sleep after his 8:30 wake up. His funny little sense of humour and general good nature make him a joy to be with most of the time. A far cry from the early days when there would often be tears from both of us at the end of the day.

Alright, I'm exhausted, but I have to get the kitchen under control before poor tired Sanjay gets home. More soon I hope, but if I don't get to post tomorrow - Merry Christmas!

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