Baby's first Christmas

Well, Christmas and the trip to Crowdy Head is all done. It wasn't quite as fun as I had hoped - Asher is starting to get a bit clingy (obviously completely developmentally appropriate) and wasn't sleeping well in an unfamiliar environment so I was tired, he was tired and therefore neither of us were at our best. He is also just about to start crawling and is wildly frustrated that he can't go anywhere which made him rather short tempered. We did get to have lots of good food, a swim (despite the rather uninspiring weather), lots of nice wine. Watching the little guy opening his presents was also great.

Sanjay had to come back to Sydney for work but Asher and I stayed up at mum's for a few extra days. It was nice, and everyone helped out with the baby but since he wouldn't sleep in his tent when I put him in there I didn't get much sleep. The flight back was ok but it was at the end of the day so he required full-on entertainment to avoid a meltdown. This included a lot of saying 'gah!' to each other, bouncing (on my full bladder) and singing under my breath in his ear. Apart from the fact that a storm in Sydney meant our flight was a lot longer and bouncier than it should have been it was all good. It was nice to be home though.

And, just for Brendan a convenient list of Asher's New Tricks:
- Handling objects much better
- Eating pretty well off a spoon
- Almost crawling (inching backwards and bunny hopping forwards).
- Sitting fairly reliably
- Saying "Gah!" ('mum' and 'dad' still to come).

I have to go and think about my New Year's resolutions (keeping the blog updated?) and make cheese biscuits (we are having a few people over to Sanj's brother's place tonight to watch fireworks) and I hope everyone has a very happy and safe New Year!

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