The horror. The horror....

So, I've just remembered the other reason I wanted to delay starting solids as long as possible - the nappy! I'm still shuddering with the hideousness of it all actually although I'm kinda surprised that last nights blueberries didn't colour his poo as much as I expected. Ugh.

We started solids on a bit of a whim on Tuesday, after a few weeks of worsening night wakings (I confirmed that I don't do well if I need to get up a 5 or 6 times a night). I gave him just a bit of rice ceral with half an apricot in the mesh feeder and it went ok. He didn't appear to love it or hate it but he didn't really spit any of it out. He doesn't really 'get' taking food off a spoon so a little bit dribbled out, but very little considering this is the first time he's done it. Wednesday we had a tiny bit more rive cereal with frozen pear in the mesh feeder and last night we had, yep, more rice cereal but this time with blueberries in the feeder. He seemed to really love the blueberries but I'm having difficulty getting the stains out of his bib. I'm also not sure whether they, like strawberries, are foods that shouldn't be offered til kids are over 1? I'm assuming that the main risk they present is the very serious choking hazard, which is negated by putting them in mesh and letting him gum the juice out of them.

Anyhow, the whole process is more fun than I expected, and very very messy (which I did expect) and gives us something to do in the late afternoon when we are normally getting a bit tired and cranky and really looking forward to Sanjay getting home. The pictures tell the story:

Just for the record, some of the other reasons I didn't want to start solids until after 6 months include me being lazy (arrgh! the extra hassle!) and not believing that Asher would need anything besides breastmilk until then. His sleep has markedly improved since we've started food - he has slept through for the last 2 nights after a period of *very* frequent night wakings but I'm not convinced that is because of the food as, to mym mind, it could just as easily be a developmental stage. He will be 6 lunar months (as opposed to calendar months) next Monday and 6 calendar months on the 26th of December.

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