Holy 22" Monitor Batman!

Sanjay just got home from work and walked in with a brand new 22" monitor. To replace the one he destroyed. I am SO looking forward to being able to look at things all big like, and y'know be able to post pictures here, and things like that. Happy me. Proper post to come some time soon - maybe even today!

In the meantime: Bye-bye broken monitor and your "arty" yet annoying depletion of screen real-estate:


surroundsound5000 said...

Hooray for new technology!
Are you going to use the old one as a reduced size second desktop (you know that working with one screen only is grossly inneficient). It might not be two screens, but 1.5 is still good right? Just for your MSN window, or your media player, or your kernel monitoring statistics.

Regardless, this new monitor sounds like a grat way to experience all the freedoms of the net. A great way to acsess uncensored resources, maybey expand your knowledge on euthenasia. Perhaps place a bet on an online gambling website. All would be nice, but you may not be able to if the government succeeds in implementing its mandatory internet censorship system at ISP level. This system is the largest abuse of internet freedom in any country (except maybe China). Find out more, and take action against it here at
No Clean Feed

(Like my segway? It was comparable to your wax segway from the previous post, I thought.)

Peace be with you,

- Mick

Kapow said...

humm... i dunno why people think i'm less clever then my siblings, maybe it's because all i have to say to that is..

oohhhh... pretty!