The Christmas Stick

I promise that after this I'll shut up about Christmas for a while, but I do want to show you my lovely Christmas stick!

There are no photos of the the annual stick hunt this year. It was raining and we forgot the camera and we ended up doing most of our stick-hunting from the car. It was lovely though - it was quiet and damp and we explained to Asher what we were doing. We had fortified ourselves beforehand at our favourite French Patisserie with lots of coffee and delicious food. I don't think Asher really 'got it' at the time but later he worked it out.

When Asher went for his sleep in the early afternoon I got Michael and his friend (who stayed with us the night before) to help with stick arrangement. It was so much easier than the last two years - I think we are getting better at choosing sticks! They pretty much fell into place this time, without the need for a pruning saw or secateurs.

When Asher woke up we decorated the tree - he wore his 'Christmas hat' and I wished quietly that we owned some Christmas music on to add to the atmosphere (ideally I would find some Christmas music that didn't make me gag!). I'm happy with how it looks, but this year I really am going to buy some Christmas baubles in the January sales. I can't for the life of me face purchasing full-price Christmas decorations and I'd rather have my 'tree' covered in an eclectic mix of home made decorations (see the letters!) and things we've picked up on our travels (you can't see the stars from India or the glass angels from Ireland and Venice in the photo). Anyhow here it is, without presents as yet, and without the sun shining in the window that I was hoping for this morning:


Dixiebelle said...

Love the Christmas stick... looks gorgeous!

surroundsound5000 said...

This christmas stick is stunning, and looks great with all the things arranged about the base. I can't wait to see properly lit photos!

(Try lighting from camera left (camera right could introduce a reflection from your key light in the picture glass), high enough that it lights the benchtop, and focussed (with no diffuser, reflector or umbrella) enough that you get a clear shadow on the wall behind (I'd probably only use two light sources, to keep it sharply lit.))

Or maybe the sun.

I remember when we left, just wishing I had a camera and some lights to shoot it, even more now that it is decorated.

Peace be with you,
See you in a few weeks,

keda said...

I was actually hoping for a sunny morning for my photo because that would light it perfectly from the left and the colour would be nice and warm from bouncing off our floorboards. One of these days we'll have a sunny morning...

keda said...

Hey, Michael, are you going to come and photograph this year's stick? It's up and decorated with piles of pressies around the bottom already!