I didn't get to mention it earlier because of the fuss with Frannie (incidentally, she's doing really well and will probably be discharged tomorrow) but on the weekend we were away Asher pulled himself up to a kind of deep squat stand. I muttered about putting the base of the cot to the lower position and dismissed it as a one-off not-to-be-repeated-for-a-few-weeks event but it looks like it's here to stay. After coming back from our morning walk I sat my darling boy with his back to the steps up to our apartment while I folded the buggy. I've been doing this since he could sit so I can fold the rather large Mountain Buggy up and not annoy our uptight neighbors too much (trying to fold the pram while juggling baby and shopping can sometimes be done, but it's very awkward). Anyhow as I was organising myself I watched the baby turn around, put both hands on the first step and stand up. Thankfully, he splatted down on his nappy covered butt straight away, not climbing the stairs while I had my hands full with the buggy. I'm going to have to work out a slightly safer way of getting myself into the house I think.

I also think he's about to start crawling on his hands and knees, rather than propelling himself along with his forearms and right foot (it's getting a cute little baby callous!). I say this because, just in the last two days, I keep spotting him up on all fours rocking and bunnyhopping and then trying out a wobbly baby yoga version of a downward dog, with Asher peering at his toes and then g tpast his legs to look at the world upside down. It's very cute and I really do hope it is the beginning of 'proper' crawling.

Anyhow, back to the title of the post. After Asher pulled himself up on the stair today I got out the 'manual' for lowering the cot base and it says "THE MATTRESS BASE OF THIS COT SHOULD BE ADJUSTED TO THE LOWEST POSITION BEFORE THE CHILD CAN SIT UP" (emphasis theirs) so that will be a lovely activity for Sanj and I this evening. We really don't do stuff like this well together, particularly when we are tired from a wakeful, snotty* baby, so we'll see how we go, but it has to be done.

* Asher and I both have a cold. It sucks.

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Emma said...

Ahh, got it after a few lame attempts (though it could be Remember The Friggin' Milk).