For Brendan (new trick!)

The baby has a new trick. Finally, after six weeks of saying nothing but 'Gah!' he makes 'bababa' noises. I guess that doesn't sound that interesting to most people but imagine living with someone who only replied with one word....

Me: So, what do you feel like for dinner?
Asher: Gah!
Me: Not sure I can manage that. How about some pureed organic sweet potato?
Asher: Gah!
Me: Whatever....
(a conversational pause, while I defrost some previously pureed vegetable and perhaps add a little bit of yoghurt)
Me: So, didn't the Australian government fuck up big time with the whole David Hicks thing. I heard on the news last night that they could have secured his release five years ago if...
Asher: (interrupting) Gah!
Me: Yes, I thought you would say that.

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Emma said...

Hey, just catching up on some blog reading (blogger isn't blocked at the moment here). Great news about Frannie, give her all our best. And it's good to hear about Asher's new trick. Glad to see you're setting him straight when it comes to politics!