Language update

I've been looking through this blog trying to work out what Asher's language was like when he was the same age as Kiz is now and I'm wishing that I had updated more frequently! I know that he had a bunch of words by the time he was Kiran's age, but the blog doesn't relate how many, or which words (I think I might have a list written down on a scrap of paper somewhere though - which is the exact reason I try to blog my updates). So, in the spirit of too-much-detail-never-being-enough here is the list of words, in no particular order, Kiz says recognisably (as of today, with him being ~16.5 months old):
Asher (kind of - because the 'sh' sound is to hard so it comes out something vaguely like 'ah-gar')
Na (for nose)
Ta-ta (which can mean 'thank you' or 'give it to me' depending on context. He also mimics when we say 'thank you' with the correct intonation and a decent approximation of the sounds of the words)
Nigh' nigh' (night night)
New today are cracker and Chacha (Hindi for fathers-younger-brother/Uncle) but I'm not sure if they will stick (I think he's starting to learn a word or two every day now).

He also asks for songs with the actions and sweetly sings 'row row' so that I will do the actions with him. He has a kind of grasp-y sign which means he wants something but no signs that we have taught him and he sometimes strings two words together ("hello puppy" "bey-bye Daddy"). He often insists on taking a book to bed with him, which is very cute and like Asher at the same age he loves being read to. I'm really loving watching the process of the little guy learning language, and this time I'll try and make more notes about it here.

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