Finger lickin' good?

So, I didn't manage to get the neighbours over for cake - I cooked delicious little pear cakes but when I went over they weren't home. I could have prevented this problem by inviting them before I wanted them to actually come over, but embarrassingly I was too shy. Ugh. Maybe this weekend...

Our little Kiz has found his fingers in a big way. He loves them! He loves having such fun wriggly things tangling themselves up in his mouth (they probably taste sweaty too!) and he delights in the wet slurping that he can feel from the hand end. So much fun! He's also started getting into having toys about. I use the term 'toys' quite loosely - anything that he can grab at and perhaps get to his mouth. The favourite would be the play gym thing that we got for Asher at a similar age but really anything that stays in his hands reasonably well will do. Asher is still really lovely with him and roll-plays lots with his baby doll. I don't think I have anything to worry about in the jealousy department until Kiran gets mobile and starts wanting to play with whatever Asher has in his hands. That will be interesting.

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