Just so you know I'm still alive...

...I'll post a conversation from the weekend. The scene was a cafe where Sanjay, Asher and I were having coffee and brioche with my brother Tim and his girlfriend. We were discussing a trip to Bunnings and possible drill purchase and Asher was trying to get my Tim's attention.

Tim: Do you know where we're going when we've finished our coffee Asher?
Asher: After coffee?
Tim: The most fun place in the whole world!
Asher (head tilted to the side in hopeful expectation): Wizzy World?
Tim: Nope - Bunnings!
Keda: Asher, Bunnings is a shop
Asher: Bunny shop?


surroundsound5000 said...

I want to come to wizzy world, just to see their Ball Washer. (Visit the link, don't just assume.) According to the Wizzy World site, it eliminates over 99.8% of bacteria!

keda said...

I am happy never to see a ball-washer, but I'm all for clean balls in general.

Kapow said...