Welcome toddlerdom

Well, the little dude has just started walking. He took his first few steps on Thursday afternoon and then walked several times on the weekend, including once in front of several people, so I know I'm not imagining it. It's very cute, and timely, at 13-and-a-half months although he still crawls faster than almost* any of the other babies can walk.

Apart from that news it's pretty quiet around here, but in that quiet-before-the-storm kind of way. We'll be moving late September which will be the biggest upheaval since Asher arrived in our lives and I'm not looking forward to it. We packed a few boxes of rarely-used kitchen stuff on the weekend just to test the waters and now I'm dreading it more than ever. But once it's all over it will be nice to have a bit more space. Has anyone got any tips for moving house with kids?

* Baby Miles is lovely, and walked at 7.5 months, so has been running quite confidently for quite a while now.

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muser said...

Fraser was a very similar age when starting to walk. It's probably a fairly common timeframe.

On the moving .. I can only really recommend having the essentials for Asher all in one box marked "ASHER!!"
The things he'd be needing that afternoon/evening. Cot sheets, a towel, bib, whatever other things you don't wanna be scrounging for when the moment hits.

It really isn't too bad moving with a young toddler. And just think of all that extra spaCe you'll have once you're in there.