Home Alone

It's 6:3 Monday morning and Sanjay is just about to leave for a weeks in Melbourne. Well, it's not really a week, it's just the working week and he'll be back on Friday night but four nights of reaching the end of the day, feeding the kid, dealing with pint sizes tantrums, bathing the kid and gettting him into bed will be wearing enough. Let's hope that this phase of sleeping through lasts another week at least. I know I should be ok though, and I have a few people lined up to come and help me if I need it. As long as I don't get any large frisky hutsman spiders in the house I actually should be ok.

Now, on a completely different note, I took photos of a really nice dish we cooked the other night with the intent to post the recipe here so I'll try to get to that soon. I will also post a 9 month developmental update (Asher is nine months today) after visitning the ECHC for his 9 month check.

I can hear the babay calling me caus he can hear Sanjay moving around quietly - I had better go and start the breakfast routine....

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