Longest month ever

It feels like Asher has been 6 months old forever sometimes. I started considering him six months old when he was 24 weeks (the 11th of December) because I wanted to start some solids (I was vaguely hoping it would help him sleep through. I don't really think it did, but whatever) but I didn't want to start solids before six months. Yes, I realise it's just ridiculous mental gymnastics, but sometimes sleep deprivation does that to you. On the 26 of December he was 6 calendar months old and now we have stopped counting his age in weeks rather than months, I don't consider him 7 months until the 26th of January. The fact that I have thought about this is testament to the strange things exhaustion and motherhood have done to my brain - in my previous life I wouldn't have cared a jot.

It doesn't take parenthood to be concerned about the spreading weepy blistery thing in Asher's right armpit that has been growing for a day or two. It arrived after the little rash that he had, the one that I put down to a combination of heat and a reaction to his 6 month vaccinations. It appears to be impetigo and so the poor little guy needs antibiotic ointment on it twice a day and systemic antibiotics every six hours for five days. I'm glad that we've just started him on yoghurt, and that he seems to like it.

I feel alternately practical and guilt-stricken. My rational mind knows that it's 'just one of those things' but another part of me is all self-flagellating and tormented about how I could let my baby get sick. I'm pretty sure Googling is a bad idea at the moment so once he's better I'll check, but I suspect that there is nothing I could have done to prevent it.

While I was wondering what was growing on him and inspecting his little body for sores yesterday, I saw a little red blister on his big toe. I quickly worked out that it wasn't whatever was in his armpit by looking at the other big toe. He has matching blisters because of the way he uses his toes to push off as he commando crawls around. He has been fast over short distances for a while now and he's starting to chase things that roll further and further. Sanjay is trying to teach him to crawl 'properly' by telling Asher to lift his bum up further. I have also caught him crawling around the lounge room showing the baby what Sanjay thinks he should be doing.

Anyhow, I'm going to go and clean the kitchen or read my book - I need to step away from the computer and from the temptation of Doctor Google.

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